Our Manifesto

La Ceiba’s heritage is rooted in our advocacy against chemicals and our ongoing quest to find a healthier alternative for each skin care need from one of the world’s oldest sciences: botany.

At La Ceiba, we breathe beauty and our air is nurturing skin care. Our belief is that nature has all the answers. We want to enable you to self-care with products that are handcrafted from nature’s most potent formulations that we have hand-crafted with plants and oils, will have you believing in our philosophy of nurturing your skin with nature’s miracles.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and reflects your inner and outer health, which means establishing good skin-care habits is a reflection of our deepest selves. Our skin tells a story of our past, present and foreshadows our future. We are thrilled to share our knowledge and passion for what products are good for your skin as everyone’s skin is different and we want women of all ages to start nurturing themselves to overall wellness.

Beauty routines should be seen as a soothing, luxurious way to start and end your day instead of a hastily done chore. Each step brings a little more magic to your face and body. La Ceiba believes in the sacredness of rituals and starting a personal skin care routine is a way to replenish and relax while reconnecting with oneself, as nature is the ultimate apothecary.

While we craft our very own formulas today, we continue to advocate against chemically infused skin care.

Our Values

Transforming ordinary routines into powerful rituals. We believe daily rituals and taking time to nurture your skin and practice self-care is the best remedy.

Always in a “natural state of mind. Staying true to our nature we live, breathe and practice all natural everyday. At La Ceiba, we only make products that are 100% natural.

We believe in the power of touch. The most meaningful way we connect with things, people and ourselves is through touch. At La Ceiba, we believe in the depth of emotion one feels through caring for one’s skin and in extension, one’s spirit.

We believe in preserving what exists in nature for our future. We truly believe in the importance of preserving the pure natural resources in nature as the future of humanity depends on this outlook. As La Ceiba, we are determined to preserve our heritage and eco-system both for our generation and ones to come to learn and grow from.

We celebrate natural beauty. We believe in beauty that is healthy, fresh and glowing. Beauty that looks effortless and radiates from within when nurtured with ingredients from nature.

We are our own guinea pigs. We believe in walking our talk. That’s exactly why we test each and every product we develop on ourselves first. Only if we truly believe in our products’ efficacy, can we be able to offer it to our clients. And yes, we are absolutely cruelty-free.

We believe in the “wow” factor. We believe in wowing our clients from the supremacy of our products to the results they see from our captivating fragrances to the way they feel after usage, from our luxurious packaging to the finesse of experiences we create.

Our Sustainability Practices

We believe in preserving what has been before us for our future. At La Ceiba, we are determined to preserve both our heritage and eco-system for our next generations to learn and grow from.

We believe that nature has the most vital role in our evolution, health and well-being as this is where we feel at home and ground ourselves. This is why we are determined to incorporate sustainability practices into our each and every step. We use recyclable glass bottles and 100% recycled paper for our boxes. Everything we use from plant-based biodegradable tape to 100% recycled shipping labels has been a conscious choice to incorporate sustainability into our every step.

Our Founder

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey and I moved to Toronto, Canada when I was 19 years old. My journey into the nature began after a rude awakening in a soap making atelier. That was my first time hearing and learning about all the chemicals and toxins in our everyday products. I spent countless hours reading labels and researching ingredients that are in our everyday skincare products. Only to find chemicals that are unacceptable by any standard. Realizing, what’s supposed to be our first line of defence, our skin, first needs to be defended from all those products claiming to care for it.

Huge detox of what’s at home, triggered the quest to find a 100% natural alternative. After delving deep into the plants and oils of the Amazons and other indigenous parts of the world for months, researching, reading, analyzing, testing, experimenting, this healthy obsession with botany gave birth to La Ceiba Botanical Skincare.