Today I want to talk about laundry and cleaning products! These things have a big place in our lives. We constantly wash the clothes we are wearing, clean our dishes everyday and clean our homes! We are in constant contact with these cleaning products and yet most of us don’t know what goes into them and therefore what we come into contact with everyday!

You should always check the ingredients of every product you are purchasing. Don’t let this intimidate you; you will get familiar with the ingredients after a couple times. EWG’s website is a great source to check the ingredients and their affects. Let’s start with

Dishwashing soap:

Most conventional dishwashing soaps we see on the shelves are packed with chemicals and simply rinsing them under water is not enough to get the residue off of them. They are filled with endocrine disruptors and other chemicals such as dyes, fragrance, SLS, phenoxyethanol. These chemicals are bad for you and the environment.

There are simpler ways to wash your dishes without compromising your health.

My number one favourite that I use at my home is Castile Soap!!

I keep an empty bottle at home (right now it is a used Dr.Bronner’s Castile Soap bottle), pour the castile soap in it and dilute it with water. You can add essential oils in it as well to add antibacterial properties and to make it smell nicer. I prefer using orange or grapefruit essential oil.


I usually use Green Beaver Castile Soap because it’s palm oil free and they sell 4 litres bottles at health food stores which lasts me for months! But sometimes when I don’t have time to go to the health store I get Dr.Bronner’s Castile Soap because it is easier to find, it is still very clean in terms of ingredients but they do use palm oil in their formula.

I love this better than any natural dish soap on the market! It lathers very well and cleans grease so so well!!

If you prefer not to mix and make your own dishsoap, I like to use Nature Clean’s dishwashing soap. It is the cleaniest one I can find in Canada!




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