When making a switch from conventional products to natural products, the first one I would go for is deodorant. You are applying deodorant on your body every single day! 365 days! Sometimes even couple times a day!

Most conventional deodorants you see on the shelves contain aluminum (Big no-no ingredient). Aluminum is the ingredient in antiperspirant deodorants that stops you from sweating. It blocks your sweat glands and prevents you from sweating so you stay dry!

Sweating is very important for our bodies! Sweating is how we cool down our bodies and get rid of toxins and detoxify!

This aluminum may also go into our bloodstream through our armpits especially through broken skin after shaving.

Plus our armpits are so close to our lymph nodes and our breast tissue. Even though there is no direct link between aluminum and breast cancer, why risk it? Especially when there are so many great alternatives!


I have tried several natural deodorants over the years. Some worked, some didn’t.

Here are my favourites:


  • Soap Walla, Original Deodorant Cream

This product has been my absolute favourite! It really worked wonders! This one 100% worked for me. I applied it in the morning and it would last me for a whole day, sometimes even two. Which in my opinion is unbelievably effective! The only problem I had with this one (and many other ones, as I will explain) is I have very sensitive armpits and my skin reacted to the baking soda. Baking soda is an amazing ingredient in natural deodorants, it inhibits bacterial growth that causes odor but it is also a skin irritant for some people like me! (Which I think I might have found a solution for, keep reading!)


  • Agent Nateur, Holi Stick No:3

This product really worked for me as well! It has eucalyptus essential oil in it and smells very fresh and clean. I would apply it in the morning and it lasted me for the day. Again the reason I stopped this one was due to my sensitive skin, as with all deodorant with baking soda my armpits started getting itchy and red.


  • Soap Walla, Sensitive Skin Deodorant Cream – Lavender

This is from the same company as the first product. This one is a deodorant cream for sensitive skins. It doesn’t have baking soda in it this my skin didn’t react to it at all. Plus it has activated charcoal in it, which is great for absorption, detox and inhibition of odor causing bacteria. I have used this one for several months; it works but definitely not as effective as the first two options. I had to apply this one generally two times a day; one in the morning and one around mid-day.


  • Agent Nateur, Holi Rose No: 4 Deodorant

This is the one I am currently using. It does have baking soda in it but I wanted to give it a try because it has rose essential oil in it, which is soothing for the skin and smells amazing! This one works great as well! Not as effective on me as their No:3 deodorant but still pretty good! My skin did react to this one as well though! The day after I apply this one, my armpits get very itchy!


AND here is my solution to sensitivity to baking soda:


I recently started using Kaia Naturals Underarm Bar, it is a bar soap that is made with apple cider vinegar and activated charcoal. You use it on your underarms leave it for 30 seconds and rinse it and apply your deodorant. It is suppose to increase the effectiveness of your deodorant. Along with that it also took away my skin’s reaction to baking soda! I wash my underarms with this soap in the morning while I shower and apply my deodorant and no itchiness or redness!


Making the switch from conventional deodorants to natural deodorants is not always easy. A lot of people I talk to worry about finding an effective alternative. Everyone has their own opinions about the products they put on their bodies but for me making the switch was sooo worth it! I have made the switch about 5 years ago and never looked back!










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